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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Live Above The Influence! ....of American Food Marketing

Here is my little vent for the evening....

I just discovered a TV show -Private Chefs of Beverly Hills (Food Network) As a private cook and student in culinary school, I was naturally excited to find something on television that I can relate to.  Just as I am empathizing Chef Sasha's anxiety, a commercial inevitably pops on...

What was the commercial, you ask? 
At first glance, I thought it was a spoof from SNL.  But as the commercial progressed, I realized the over-bronzed 'actress' was none other than my fellow NJ native, "Snookie," from The Jersey Shore. May I just say, yikes.  I understand marketing enough to realize why this company decided to hire a familiar face. That being said, I may not be buying Pistachios for a while, at least not until the commercial stops airing. An indecently dressed Snookie, cracking a pistachio open on a tanning bed does not seem to be a picture of health to me. I mean, call me crazy but- why intoxicate the picture of health commonly associated with a natural food?

To make matters worse....

 After the Seaside heights nut advertisement,( pun?)  I was subjected to a High Fructose Corn Syrup commercial. When will it end!!!??? I beg you... PLEASE do not give in to commercials that make wild claims. These companies are preying on vulnerability of you-the potential client. 

Exhibit A- High Fructose Corn Syrup- commercial paid for by the Corn Farmers of America. I am ALL about farms, especially when farms practice ethically and environmentally.  That being said, please be cautious. Corn is highly subsidized in the US and therefore is mass produced as a GMO 'franken food.' Be weary of your food.

 The combination of an interesting TV show shadowed briefly by these commercials is a shame. I will Tivo my new Chef-centric find and move on... But please, do yourself a favor and continue to choose foods that make you feel good. Advertisements for poor food choices are all around you. 
Above the Influence! 
 (haha I know I stole this from an anti-alcohol campaign, but hey, it is true!)

For more information on the future of HFCS:

Stay Well